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What if your non-profit could get the word out about what it does, enhance your public image and greatly expand your visability, garner volunteers and get more donations in by having produced for you and distributed to radio professionally expertly written, voiced, edited with music added 15 and 30-second radio spots and have them aired all the time (no charge for broadcast) across your geographic region, across the country or world-wide....and with almost no effort on you part and VERY LITTLE COST (90 % LESS than the lowest cost otherwise)?
And in addition to our distribution, you get a complete set ready to email yourself as mp3s to all your local radio stations as well and possibly to get local sponsors for, with guidance on how to do it!
Here's an awesome offer from our non-profit, Streetcats Foundation, One Heart for Kids and Celebrate Radio to your non-profit, drawing on our 40 years of professional radio experience!
Until now, because of high cost and/or lack of time and expertise, such radio campaigns were out of the reach of most non-profits and even the Advertising Council wouldn't help you because you or your project weren't big enough or national enough. NOW YOU CAN HAVE THE SAME PROFESSIONAL, ALWAYS BEING BROADCAST SPOTS THAT THE RED CROSS, AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION, UNICEF and many more charitable organizations have...without paying thousands of dollars, struggling to convince stations to play them or having some un-enthusiastic station announcer read a script!   etc etc  etc etc
Not only can we help you write a compelling announcement but we will professionally voice it, add passionate music, fully produce it and DISTRIBUTE it to dozens or hundreds of AM and FM stations for you, make it available as podcasts visitors to your web site can hear (impress and inform donors and foundations) and expand your outreach over time way, way beyond what it is now!
And because we are a passionate non-profit like you are, but we have decades of radio experience, we can do everything for between $90-$150 depending on what you need. Once distributed, radio stations will be playing them for 6 months!
And because we expect underwriting for this project, if you want to renew 6 months from now, you will get an additional 30% off the already incredibly low cost, for a fresh set of ready to go radio psas.

To get started, just donate $50 using the DONATE buttons here or on celebrateradio.com, streetcats.org or  www.oneheartforkids.com, send us an email at ycn5@yahoo.com after you have and we'll call you and consult on getting the production done and then you can pay the balance of $40-$95 (depending on whether local, regional or national) when we finish.

OR make your check payable to

Streetcats Foundation for Youth / One Heart for Kids
Celebrate Radio
1550 N.E. 137th. Avenue
Portland OR, 97230
510 316-7100

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